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my 2023 bullet journal set up

Hello, my friends!

HAPPY NEW YEAR! Now that it’s officially 2023, I decided it’s time to try a new layout for my bullet journal. I’ve been bullet journaling since last year, and I’ve found that it is so helpful for keeping basically my entire life organized. My spreads didn’t turn out *exactly* how I wanted, as a whole, I’m pretty happy.

If you like bujo or planners, this post is for you!

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my supplies

Next, washi tape! All the tape I used, except for the one pink roll, came from this set I got for my birthday which I love. Washi tape is what really makes my bullet journal pretty since I keep it very minimalist.

And of course, the bullet journal! As a whole, I love it. It came with some fun stencils in the back, there are two handy bookmarks that come with it, and there’s a pocket in the back which is perfect for lists and random notes that I want to keep track of.

the yearly spreads

I’m a bit frustrated at how thin this paper is and how you can see most of this spread on the other page – Other than that though, I love how this page turned out! (By the way, I apologize for the photo quality of these pictures – The lighting was weird when I took them, and I had to edit them a lot, so they aren’t my best. :P)

This is one of my favorite pages! Just a simple year-at-a-glance page. So far, my year doesn’t look that busy, but it’ll pick up as the year goes on.

On the left, we have my ‘Birthdays’ spread! This is a nice way to keep track of friends’ and family members’ birthdays so I know when I need to have a gift ready, send a card, etc. Most birthdays I already have memorized, but this is helpful just the same. On the right is my year in pixels. I’ve never done this spread before, but it seemed neat and a great way to track how my year went overall. (By the way, ‘Good’ isn’t supposed to be blank, but my pink marker accidentally fell out of my backpack at church on Sunday, since I’d been using it for sermon notes. :P) Hopefully, there will be lots of light blue and pink!

Just a simple goals page!

This spread is basically a reminder of what I need to do each day, basically no matter what. (Of course, no one will die if I don’t get it done, haha, but it’ll make me have a much better day. ;))

And my blogging page! I usually use this to keep track of posts ideas and such. Do any of these titles look interesting to you?

Before, I’ve done “bookshelves” but those take longer, and I want to make sure I actually read new books this year, so I decided that the quicker and minimal approach was the way to go.

My routines page overlaps a bit with my essentials page, but it works! It’s basically a daily to-do list that I do every single day. (In my monthly page, I have a daily to-do list that varies from each day, but this is basically what I do every day.)

the monthly spreads

Now onto my monthly spreads! I went with a simple welcome page, sticking with a blue wintery theme.

This is my least favorite calendar I’ve done. XD But it’s still useable, just not my favorite design. Also, I love that washi tape! There are so many fun and cozy designs.

On my next page, I have some simple trackers! I normally use my trackers as an everyday to-do list of things I need to do everyday. Right now, I’m tracking my Bible / devotions, days I run, watering all of my many plants, editing, and spending time outside. Across the page is my prayer / gratitude. Every night, before I go to sleep, I write down something I need to pray about and something I’m thankful for from that day.

After that, I just my monthly goals page! Each day, I write down a simple to-do list, with what I need to get done each day. I forgot to get a picture of both of those, though, haha.

your turn!

And that’s my bullet journal for this year! I hope you enjoyed looking through it and maybe got some inspiration for your own planning endeavors.

Which spread was your favorite / the most helpful? Do you like using washi tape to decorate pages and lists too? Do you have your own bullet journal or planner?

Thank you so much for reading, dear friends, and have a wonderful day!


  1. Ooh! That’s so pretty! Now I really want to start bullet journaling. I love every design! They are all amazing! Thank you for posting!

    1. Ooh, you totally should, Aliya! It’s so much fun and so useful. I’m so glad you enjoyed this post!

  2. Your journal is so pretty! Nice job!

    1. Thank you, Mayim! <3

  3. Jessica says:

    Oooh, that is really pretty!! Thank you for sharing!

    1. I’m so happy you like it! Of course and thank you for your sweet comment! <3

  4. Tasha Van Kesteren says:

    That’s so pretty!!!

    1. Thanks, Tasha!

  5. Ooh, it’s lovely, Pearl! Is this your first year bullet-journalling? I’ve been taking inspiration from others, because I’m doing it for the first time this year. 🙂

    1. Ooh, Lily, I have a post about bullet journaling on my blog if you wanna check it out. It’s full of stuff I wish I knew when I first started 😉

      (Also sorry to plug on your blog, Pearl, but I know you liked that post so I figured Lily might like it too XP)

      1. (Haha, it’s fine, Mia. XD)

    2. I was a very inconsistent bullet journaler last year, and when I did do it, it wasn’t the greatest. XD That’s wonderful–Thank you so much!

  6. Great spreads, Pearl! They’re beautiful! Thanks so much for sharing!

    1. Aw, so glad you liked them!

  7. Charlotte Mills says:

    I love your journal spreads!! So creative 🙂

    1. Thank you, Char!! <3

  8. I love it, Pearl!

    1. Thank you!

  9. MarieAna says:

    Wow! I’m reading this quite late, but I was excited about reading it, it just got lost in my inbox. I just started bullet journaling at the beginning of the year!

    1. Well, I’m glad you found it! 😉 That’s amazing, MarieAna! How’s it been going?

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