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christmas goods {2022}

Hello, my friends!

Today, I’m going to show you all of the lovely gifts I got for Christmas this year. As I’ve said in past posts, the term ‘haul’ annoys me so we’re going to go with ‘goods’ for now.

First, the obligatory disclaimer about how this is the obligatory disclaimer that no, for those of you who have a nagging doubt, I am not trying to brag about my gifts (I never saw any posts like these that were, but alas), I am simply making one of the practically useless but quite entertaining birthday posts that I enjoy reading for some reason. XD I didn’t want to make an exhaustive list, so this isn’t all my gifts, but whether I posted your gift or not, I’m still quite thankful for you and your gift!

Also because I wanted another chance to say thank you once again to my dear friends, siblings, parents, grandparents, and cousins who nearly overwhelmed by your generosity this year. I’m so, so grateful to have people like you. <3

All right, let’s begin, shall we?

First, I got this lovely camera bag from my little brother, Luke. My siblings and I do an exchange among us where throughout the month of December, we give each other little gifts in our stockings and then get each other one big gift.

Haha isn’t this great? It’s a camera lens mug also from Luke! I’ve seen something like this before but never had one. Ahh, I love it! It’s so realistic, and it does actually works as a mug besides.

Eek, I’m so excited about these! When you attach them to your DSLR lens, they let you take super close-up pictures, almost like a mini microscope. The lenses are stackable, meaning you can choose how many layers to attach depending on the zoom you want. They took me a bit to figure out, and I’m definitely still learning, but I can’t wait to use them more in the future. My grandparents gave me these!

Succulents! I got this lovely set of succulents and pots also from my grandparents. All of the plants are so pretty and fun–They add a bit of brightness to my room, especially right now when outside is so dreary.

Ahh, so many treats! These are some of my favorite things including dried fruit, fruit leathers, RX bars, nuts, granola bites, and a few chocolates. My grandma always fills our stockings with lots of healthy snacks which is so nice!

I got this bullet journal from my sister, Mercy, I’ve already started using it to get ready for my 2023 bullet journal spreads. Expect a post sharing those next week!

These are some of my favorite pens! Microns are so nice to have around, especially to go with my new bullet journal and notebooks. There are plenty of different sizes but my favorites are the 02 and 05.

Also another favorite! I already have a set of Tombow brush pens, but it’s nice to have these, too. One of my writing friends, Nollie, sent these to me, along with a gorgeous journal and chocolate.

All of these cute little ornaments came from Luke! I love how detailed the train is, and the fish’s eyes are so funny, haha. The turtle with the scarf is also fun. XD

Oooh, I got this delicious tea, along with a pretty mug, from my cousin! It tastes so good and it’s one of my new favorites.

This gift was hard to get a picture of, haha. If you can’t tell, it’s a hook with a heart at the top.

These are a few fun gifts from my stockings. A super cute and tiny mini composition notebook, a set of four bookmarks from the Daily Grace Co., and a heart box.

I saw this on Etsy when I was looking for a gift for a friend and was like, “HAHA, this is so funny.” My other grandparents got it for me and it’s perfect for a reader.

This wonderful set of stationary came from my aunt. All of it is so pretty, and it came with a set of stickers too.

I can’t wait to use this book! I’ve already read and used quite a few hand-lettering books, and this one looks amazing.

Goodness, all of these stickers literally describe me. XD Sunflowers, cameras, books, sunshine, mail, and a mason jar full of flowers. Pretty perfect. Luke also gave me these in my stocking throughout the month!

This notebook is so cute, haha. My cousin got it for me and I love using these small notebooks for to-do lists and other random notes.

This is the journal I was talking about! It’s lovely. The other sketchbook I got from my parents in my stocking.

I shockingly only got one book for Christmas. XD There weren’t many books that I wanted, but I got this from one of my cousins and I’m excited to read it.

Isn’t this box so pretty? My aunt, uncle, and cousins gave me an Amazon gift card inside it which I spent on washi tape and a few other things.

This picture doesn’t necessarily fit in with the rest, but it’s still a gift. My parents, instead of buying gifts, take us skiing each week in the winter and on a big ski trip to the mountains each winter. I love skiing so much. It’s a wonderful way to spend time with my family and be outside in God’s beauty!

AHH, I love this last gift so much. It’s a traveler’s journal that I got from my 10-month-old cousin, she has very good taste, doesn’t she? XD (For context, all of my aunts, uncles, and cousins (around 35 of us) do an exchange so instead of getting gifts for everyone, you get a gift for one person). I cannot wait to use this!

your turn!

And there we go! I hope you enjoyed seeing all of the wonderful gifts I was blessed with and maybe got some ideas for your own wishlist.

What was a favorite gift you received for the holidays? Do you prefer tea or hot chocolate? What do you think of a camera lens mug?

Have a wonderful day, wonderful friends!


  1. This is so fun! My favorite gift this year was a nutcracker snow globe my mom gave me (i have always loved snow globes and the nutcracker has always been my favorite ballet)!! For Christmas I prefer hot chocolate but then tea for the rest of the year! How about you?
    I love your camera lens mug! It’s so cool! <3

    1. Ooh, a nutcracker snow globe is so neat! I love tea but hot chocolate is delicious. Do you like coffee? 😀
      Mm, I agree!

  2. This was awesome! Thank you for sharing 😀
    My favorite gift was probably a week-long vacation in November (so there wasn’t snow)!
    I love the mug!!! It’s so creative and fun!

    1. Ahh, that is a terrific gift!

  3. I love how personalized these gifts are! It really shows how well your family knows you!

    I got a few of Angela Ackerman’s writing thesauruses, which I’m excited to read! My sister got me a mug that says “All You Need Is A Good Book” on the front, then “and a cup of tea” in smaller letters on the inside rim. It’s so me XD

    1. They certainly do. <3

      Oooh, that's a wonderful gift - I've been wanting that book for a bit. Writing mugs are always so funny. XD

  4. I loved reading through this! I love all of the journals! I have a mini notebook exactly like the one you got. 🙂

    1. Eeep, so do I! Ooh, that’s cool. 🙂

  5. Tasha Van Kesteren says:

    Bro! Those all look so awesome!!!!! Lemme know how you like the mug…my brother was gonna get me one but didn’t know if it would be decent so I’d love to know how you like it!
    I’ve been meaning to get succulents! Are they a worthwhile investment?

    1. I’ve used the mug 5 or 6 times now, already, and I love it. It’s good quality and just like a normal thermos, but so much more fun. XD
      I probably biased, but I absolutely love it. They are so fun to have and really brighten a space. I’d totally recommend them!

      1. Tasha Van Kesteren says:

        Okay I’ll have to get one! Oh yeah way more fun!
        Ooooh nice! Too many things to buy lol

  6. Amelia says:

    Your cousin has great taste in gifts. *nods wisely* But ahhhh, girl, you definitely have been filled with many gifts!! And oooooooooh, you get to go skiing every week? Well, there you go! 😀

    1. Doesn’t she? *grins* Ahh, I have been very blessed. Mhm, skiing is terrific!

  7. Mary Schwanke says:

    Hey Pearl! Lots of cool stuff! That camera mug is hilarious XD. Imagine how many people you can confuse with that thing. I also got to ski this winter! Loved it so much, even if it was just on a couple hills here in Missouri lol. I miss talking to you on YDubs! Merry Christmas! ❤️

    1. Haha, it’s one of my favorite gifts. XD My grandpa was confused when he first saw it. . . he was like, “Uhh, Pearl, why are you drinking out of a camera lens?” It was so funny. XD
      Ooh, that’s wonderful! Skiing is so much fun.
      Me too. <3 Happy New Year, Mary!

  8. Eep, I was hoping you’d do one of these posts! 😄
    I don’t know that I have a favourite gift, since I love them all. XP But on the topic of mugs, I did love the one I got that says “I’d Rather Be At Home With My Dog.” ~ it’s so me. 😂
    I love your camera mug though! It looks so real I thought it was actually a camera. 😛

    1. Haha, they are some of my favorite to read.
      Ooooh, I have a shirt like that except it says, “If my dog can’t come, I’m not going.” XD Ahh, it’s one of my favorite gifts.

  9. I love these posts! The mug is so fun! I got a doughnut mug for Christmas with some tea. My favorite gift had to either be my new IPad from my grandparents or my YWW sweatshirt and stickers. Or maybe my own good sized water bottle. I prefer both actually but tea is always my favorite. So tea for me!

    1. I agree! They’re my favorite to read. Ooh, waterbottles are lovely!

  10. I saw the succulents on the header and knew I had to read this. I love succulents, and yours are gorgeous! Lovely gifts!

    1. I absolutely love succulents, as welL. XD Thanks so much, Abby! <3

  11. Tess says:

    All of those presents they are so pretty and so YOU! Love it!

    1. Ahh, I agree. Thanks, Tess!

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